Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Frieze Art Fair

So a few weeks ago I kept hearing mumblings about an "art fair" of sorts called the Frieze Art Fair. I was interested, but after finding out that it was 15 pounds (and that's student price, 25 normally) I was put off a bit. But my friend told me we HAD to go so I decided to tag along...

And now that I look at that, I would've paid twice as much.

The whole thing ended up being extremely eye opening. I saw art that was so different from anything I'd seen before, people succeeding at pulling off techniques and emoting things that I have tried but failed at in my own work. It made me realize just exactly how much competition is out there, as well as the amazing places art and the mind can take people.

So below I'll be putting some of my favourite pictures from the event as well as links to some of the artists of pieces that I found especially interesting. Enjoy!! (Warning some might be a bit NSFW. But it's art!)

Didn't catch the name of this one but just thought it was visually striking and quite funny.

Below are some photographs from a guy named Ryan McGinley. His stuff kept catching my eye at the show, as he beautifully mixes surrealism with realism, one of my favorite qualities. Right now I really can't get enough.

Below is just a clever idea I saw, taking the design in this old rug and making them into beautiful three dimensional shapes. It becomes a sort of cityscape.

Creepy chique.
Below are a couple of photographs by Frank Haines. It seems to have been difficult to find more of his stuff but I absolutely loved it.


This one is by an artist named Thomas Locher. This seems to be very different from anything else he's done but I loved it. It reminded me of my idea for the Metro Remix project only done much nicer. It's hard to see in this photograph but hey, this is as much about me telling you about artists as it is me trying to remember these things...


Here is some stuff from a guy named John Stezeaker. Incredible stuff, simple but very different.


Below is a series by Anne Collier that I found really intriguing...

An image by Mustafa Hulusi that I found quite interesting...


A  couple images from pieces by Goshka Macuga, whom I loved...


Inside a gorgeous light fixture/sculpture.
Here are some videos I took of a couple kinetic sculptures. Mesmerizing, futuristic, sleek....

This was a sculpture piece, all the globes were somehow moving independently! Amazing...

The enticing "Butterfly" by Daniel Firman.... 
And now for one of my favorite series ever, the theatrical and poignant "The End" by Banks Violette.

And this is all just a fraction of what we saw. We were there for 5 hours, constantly looking at art. The place was massive, and the amount of creativity and ingenuity was amazing. I hope I got across some of the power these pieces had over me through showing them and describing them a bit. I might even have to do another post to go over the other ones because there were plenty more...

After looking at all these pieces that sparked so much interest in me, I found that a majority of them deal with photography... Hm. Recently I've found myself being interested in not only Graphic Design, but also 3D Spatial Design, and Photography..... But going through all that is all for another post.

Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading!!



  1. What? No one has commented on this? I am shocked!

    OK first, please forgive me for taking so long! I would not be able to look you in the eye on Skype next time if I had taken any longer!

    Most importantly, the best thing about this whole post was not the art itself, but the enthusiasm in which you shared it! I'm so glad you decided to go, because it was obviously a huge source of inspiration to you - and what could possibly be better than that!? Happy joy joy :)

    A lot of art I just don't get. It's not you, it's me. And my pea brain of a mind. That being said, the first piece that really stood out to me was the old rug in which they had taken some of it's shapes and made them into 3D "cityscapes" as you called them. Now THAT, I thought was totally GENIUS. And I LOVED it.

    Fast forward to the end of your photos. I loved the 2ond kinetic sculpture - talk about mesmerizing, YES! That was awesome. I also have a real thing for globes, so there was no way I wouldn't like that installation! I wish I could have seen how it moved. And last but not least, Daniel Firman's ultra-colorful "Butterfly" was gorgeous :) I am assuming you really loved that one too :) I could especially look at that bright turquoise forever!

    So there you have my opinions, for whatever they're worth! I will say I'll really look forward to a post about graphic design and photography from you! Would love that as well!

    Nice job Liam :)

  2. Psch I know!! Only comment. But a good comment at that! :)

    I know a lot of the art isn't for everyone, and honestly I don't even know what I would have thought of some of this stuff if I had just seen it online. But seeing them in person was truly inspiring and I'm glad I got that through in my post.

    I'm really happy you liked some of the pieces though!! All of the ones you loved are stunning and seeing them in person was extremely inspiring. It's just amazing seeing living breathing creativity out there!!

    Thanks again Megan!