Monday, June 7, 2010

Ebony and Ivory

Alright so since the last blog was all about color, I decided to do one in black and white because I've been working a lot with that as well. First off I did a project in my concepts in drawing class that was supposed to be Noir inspired. Basically we had to put a toy of some sort in a space and somehow make it seem mysterious, like a film noir movie. So first I took some pictures of this gnome I have in black and white to see how I could approach it.

For the space I decided on a hallway, as they always seem creepy to me. I used gouache and charcoal to try and get some different textures going on, and this was the result.

Next up is stuff for my Sketching for Design class. To start off, I've finally fallen in love with an art tool. I've heard people say a lot "oh this is my favorite writing pen" or "whenever I use this pencil I get the best ideas," and it didn't make sense to me until now. Behold.

This pen is amazing. I don't know what it is, but whenever I use it I get my best sketches. So I'm glad I found it. It makes me quite happy. Here are some of the sketches I've had to do from life for my sketching class that have come from this pen:

I also had to do a car project for this class. Not being a car fan, I wasn't excited. I'm still not excited actually. But the project ended up coming out alright.


I also had to do a metamorphosis project, where I had to mix an animal with a machine. I went through a few ideas (elephant-bulldozer, ladybug-clock) but landed on a giraffe-crane. I'm pretty happy with the results, although I need to rework the feet because I didn't realize until after I inked it that this giraffe would have no way to move.

So that's all for now folks. I'll leave you with a couple more black and white photos I've taken to help me with some of my projects.

Any comments are welcome! Thanks for reading!



  1. liam! you're wonderful. i love your art.

  2. "Not being a car fan, I wasn't excited. I'm still not excited actually" <---- greatest. your tree sketches are really nice b-t-dubz

  3. Liammm :) Loved your post! Random thoughts:

    - love the first b&w of the gnome (great lighting!)
    - love how your sketch turned out
    - I cannot figure out what gouache is
    - I do not want to meet a gnome in a creepy hallway
    - GET OUT with those awesome sketches from your fave pen!!!
    - thank you for not saying 'aight'
    - I like the metamorphosis idea
    - really *love* the b&w pics at the end

    That is all my son :) Over and out! xoxo

  4. Summer - Haha thank you so much!!

    Tamar - Glad you enjoyed that lol.

    Megan - Thank you thank you thank you! And you're welcome for not saying "aight"... Hahaha. And gouache is just a type of paint. Woo!