Wednesday, June 23, 2010

FINALS! and other things that are not so finals.

Huzzah, huzzah! I am done with school. And with the end of school always come finals... So let's get those out of the way. Beware:  angsty experimental teenage art student projects ahead....

First up is my Life Drawing final, which was titled "Toxic Swamp Thing." We had to somehow show the correlation between how the environment affects humans or how humans affect the environment, and how that might affect us all in the long run. It had to use collage and multiple mediums. So I decided to do something slightly political, dealing with the oil spill, but I wanted something very colorful and surreal as well. So this is what I came up with....

My next final was Concepts in Drawing, where I had to do a triptych. A triptych is a series of three that somehow connects but also works as individual pieces. So I brainstormed for a bit and thought of things in threes, and came up with my own version of Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil, See No Evil. I had to use at least three different mediums so I used watercolor, ink on vellum, and oil stick pastel along with watercolor stained bulsa wood. I wanted to try and do lots of things with contrasting textures and expressive qualities along with very clean and modern ones.

Here's the piece as one:

And now seperately:

And I have one more final, my Sketching for Design final but that's still sitting at school and I'm too lazy right now to drive all the way down there to pick it up! But once I have it back I'll post it!

And now for some random personal stuff. I got my housing for England!! All the details are still being worked out but I'm set to be living at this place, Bernard Myers house in a section of London called Camberwell. Here's a couple pics that show what it looks like:

And now for a beautifully cheesy look at what my room will most likely be like:

I'm really happy I get my own room. It's about 5 or six of these rooms in a flat and then we all share a kitchen and stuff. 
And a little cafe down the road that I will probably be spending some time at:

So yeah!! So excited. And nervous. And excited...
And nervous.

But a bit more secure now that I have housing!! 57 days till I leave! Not like I'm counting...

And that's all for now! Hopefully now I'll have time to do some projects of my own that I've been wanting to do.... Oh and now for a real quick word about something I think everyone needs to see. 

 Toy Story 3 just came out, and being a massive Pixar fan I went and saw it at midnight and it was incredible. Another beautiful, sophisticated and complex movie by Pixar. But besides that, something equally powerful if not more so for me was the short that preceded it. I've always loved Pixar's short films, but this one has by far become my favorite. If you haven't please please go see this movie and short, you won't be disappointed I promise. And if you're that skeptical, the short is actually on iTunes right now. But let me tell you, seeing it in 3D is worth it. They mix 2d animation with CGI in a way that I've never witnessed before, and seeing it in 3D only makes you appreciate it more. And the message it brings is even more powerful than the visuals, which is saying a lot.

And now I'm done! Hope to be back here soon with more news and work. Thanks for reading!


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  1. LIAMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!

    Loved the Toxic Swamp Thing! Great mix of everything: darkness and color, evil and light, politics and the bigger picture, ugliness and beauty. I would love to see it up close to be able to see the texture and all the different mediums myself. Nice job!

    I also thought your triptych theme was genius and would love to see those pieces in person also. I have a friend who photographs the most wonderful diptychs but triptychs seem so much harder to me!

    LOVED THE LONDON DIGS! I did not think them cheesy - I am just so doggone excited for you!

    Okay, your spotlight/tribute to Pixar and the Day & Night short was just about the sweetest thing EVER. I could just feel your love and devotion and it was truly touching Liam! :)