Sunday, July 18, 2010

It's the little things....

Finally some time (and material) to do a new blog! I've been working on quite a few things, some personal, some just on the whim... Just doing what I can. This is going to be a long post though, full of old and new. So get ready. I know how anxious you are to figure out what's going on in my relentlessly entertaining life. ;)

First off! Got my Sketching for Design final back finally! I had to sketch an image with a building, a car, and human figures all proportional to each other. Unlike life drawing, the figures only had to be representational so it's not a lifelike rendering. I chose to do the Carthay Circle Theater, a theater in Los Angeles from the thirties that hosted the premiere of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937. Of course the building is no longer there, but I decided to draw it anyway. Cause I'm stubborn like that.
Here's the original building: 

And my drawing: 

Next up are a couple small things I've done. First up is my belated Mother's Day card to my mom. She was in the UK for Mother's Day so she wasn't here to celebrate it, and with everything going on it was just something that was always on the back of my mind. But I finally got a card to her! And it still made her tear up, so I think all's good. 

Running in this same vein, my parents are getting their vows renewed in England next month after being married for thirty years. They think it's a big deal or something. So I created the invitation for them:

I wanted to make it simple but still pretty and decorative and all that frilly lovey stuff. 

Next up, I'm working on a painting right now. It's kind of experimental in the way that I don't have a specific plan for it and I'm using quite a few different mediums. But here's a sneak preview of a section of the painting, work in progress. The way it's going, this might not even be in the painting once it's finished. But still.

And now for something completely different.

My best friend's mom, Megan, has an awesome blog called Wild Child that I follow quite regularly and was a part in inspiring me to do this blog. Well in one of her posts a few weeks ago she posted this top 10 of things you don't know about me thingy and invited me to do it. So here I go!

10 Things Most of You Don't Know About Me:

1. I was in Robotics and Kid Flix in Junior High.
They were both completely and utterly awful.
2. Throughout my life I have wanted to be an actor, a doctor, a spy, an elf, a leprechaun, a magician, and a director. However through all of this I have still always ultimately wanted to be an Imagineer. Although sometimes, even now, thoughts go through my head of being a music producer or an art director.
3. Water used to make me gag.
I don't know.
4. In fifth grade I told people I had cancer, when I in fact had bronchitis.
5. I was sent to the principle's office in First Grade for "poking a girl's eye with a pencil", when I didn't. She was horrible.
6. In elementary school kids would pay me to shave the paint off their pencils and draw anything of their choice on them.
7. I used to be so scared of sleeping over at people's houses, even if they were literally across the street from my own.
8. I used to take great pride in setting up all my stuffed animals - I had about 20 of them - all over my bunk bed in a fashion that almost told a story.
9. I used to give Disneyland award shows, in which I would set up categories (i.e. Best Ride, Best Queue, Best Theming) and have family and friends vote for what they thought was the best. I would then give a powerpoint presentation and reveal the winners. I'm not a dork, I swear.
10. As much as I'd long to be in the twenties or the forties or the sixties, I truly think I was born in the right decade. There's a lot that I don't like and that frustrates me, but there's so much more that I love. From music to movies to technology and the people I know, I just don't know if any other decade would have satisfied me as much. I may be wrong but that's how I like to look at it.

And there you go! Enough about me. More about me! Just kidding. But seriously.

I've decided to put a random photograph that I like that I've taken in every post, cause I love photography and I've taken a buttload of pictures. So here!

Took this in one of my favorite places I've been to, the Neon Graveyard in Las Vegas, Nevada. A beautifully strange area in the desert where all the old Vegas neon signs sit outside for all to view. Awesome stuff.

Finally, just a little update on England. Housing is official, getting my Visa done as we speak, I leave one month from tomorrow. GAHHH.

Hope to hear from you all soon!



  1. Nice post - I even learned something about you that I didn't know (but I'm not saying what it was!).

  2. Awesome post Liam :) LOVED your drawing of the Carthay Circle Theater! And your Mother's Day Card was just *lovely*, and the vow renewal invite you created for your parents was very elegant! What a great time you're all going to have :)

    LOVED YOUR 10 THINGS!!! NICE JOB! :D I have to say, you would make a great art director. And I'm dying to know what kids would want you to draw on their pencils! I was the same way with my stuffed animals and baby dolls - and I had a ritual of putting them in bed and covering them up each night. You know, you do have such a love of art deco I have often wondered the same thing........ but I agree - we like you here in this decade because the technology is just out of control amazing and it's only going to keep growing. And the world needs your talent and heart :) OH! And I loved the pic of the Neon Graveyard - I had never expected to see such great color. Nice!

    Lots of Love, Megan xoxoxoxo

  3. Thank you so much for everything Megan!!

  4. Totally remembered the 5 2 9 without looking at facebook. Bam. I dig your stuff.