Saturday, December 18, 2010

Gigs. And lots of them. (Plus other stuff)

So over the past month or so, a huge wave of bands I LOVE decided to come and play in London at around the same time. So here are little looks into what they were like.


The first one I went to was a while ago now actually, but it was so awesome. I got to see one of my favorite bands, We Are Scientists, play a private mini acoustic show at a small event due to one of my friends winning tickets. 

As you can tell I was almost right next to them, and the whole thing was so relaxed and nice. It was very intimate, and seeing them in that environment was just such a cool moment for me and I really really enjoyed it.

And then there was basically a two week period where I saw four incredible shows. I don't think I've ever seen so many amazing gigs in such a short amount of time. Can't begin to describe how overwhelming it all was.

This gigfest started with Jonsi at the Hammersmith Apollo. Jonsi is, for those who don't know, the Icelandic lead singer of Sigur Ros' solo effort. The show was s t u n n i n g.

This was the opening band, Timber Timbre. Who were really good, very moody and atmospheric blues.
The stage show Jonsi had was absolutley incredible. Three layers of projections, including a massive broken window set piece. It felt like the entire show a storm was brewing, and in the end it just took over and left the audience in awe.

To get an idea of what the show is like, watch THIS.

After that I saw Arcade Fire at the O2 arena. Wow.

I didn't really decided I was going to this until the day before when I found someone online selling the ticket for face value. And I went on my own. But, it was completely worth it.

Again for those who don't know, Arcade Fire consists of about nine people. All switching around instruments the whole show, whether it's violin, guitar, drums, keyboard, bass, harmonium... They are definitely a force to be reckoned with. To see that many people so passionate about their music is incredible. Their whole new album is about the suburbs and the troubles that come with living in them, so the whole thing was very relevant to me and extremely inspiring.

To see a bit of what this was like, watch THIS!

And theeeeeennn I got to see Bombay Bicycle Club at The Troxy!

They're quite a new band that got popular very quickly over here. A bunch of really young, really talented musicians and audience that was giving back just as much as the band was giving out. A truly awesome show.

To get a taste of what that was like (plus a samba band) go HERE!

And for the grand finale, I got to see the one, the only, Patrick Wolf at the Bloomsbury Ballroom.

This show was absolutely wonderful in every way. Patrick was on top form, backed by three violinists, a cellist, two girls that went between saxophone, clarinet, and flue, a drummer,  and a bassist. And then Patrick went between playing the guitar, ukelele, harp, piano and violin. Just fantastic.

He's a performer in every sense of the word, and has such an infectious love for his music and an amazing adoration for his fans. He was so happy the whole time, got to hear quite a few new fantastic songs, and I was just in heaven. To even attempt at knowing what that was like, click on THIS!!

So that was that for my gigs. Wonderful stuff, I am so grateful I live in a time where performers are making music like this and I have the opportunity to see them


And now just for a few other things I've been up to.

St Paul's is such a gorgeous building, and being able to go shopping around it at my convenience is still surreal.

And last weekend Louisa came out again to visit!!!! :)

It was wonderful to see her again, and I had an incredible couple of days with her. Due to her generosity and some money she's recently come into, she treated me to lots of delicious food, the show Love Never Dies, and the Art of Tim Burton book! I couldn't be more thankful that she is in my life, and I was overwhelmed by her generosity.

Us at Love Never Dies, which is as some of you may know, is the sequel to Phantom of the Opera. I went in EXTREMELY skeptical, but the show ended up being really decent! Incredible sets and costumes, amazing effects, great acting and some memorable songs! Pleasantly surprised.

Our dessert after having a roast at the incredible restaurant The Ivy.  Just WOW.
 And that's been that! Truly amazing experiences. Next up, the actual WORK I've been doing.

xx Liam


  1. Aw, look at you & Louisa! Adorable. But what on earth is on the other plate at The Ivy (not your sticky toffee pud, but the other one!)??

    And I'm a wee bit jealous about all those concerts... sigh.

  2. All those concerts Liam, must have been the semester of your life!! You know how I feel about all of them. And I love the sweater you are wearing in the picture with Louisa!

  3. Wow, I don't even know where to start to comment! Your pic of We Are Scientists is awesome - you were so close! And I really enjoyed listening to Arcade Fire (please try not to faint) - I was stunned at their enormous audience - a virtual sea of people that knew all their songs... amazing. And of course, you getting to see Patrick Wolf so up close and personal... I know there are really no words for THAT incredible experience! I'm so happy you got to see him :) Louisa looks GREAT and it sounds like you had such a wonderful time! YAY! I didn't even know "Phantom" had a sequel - how interesting. Well, what a fun post Liam :)