Saturday, December 18, 2010


Alright so after the past couple of posts you're probably thinking that all I've been doing here is going to concerts, shopping, being Christmasy, playing in the snow, and going out to eat. And I have been doing all that stuff, but in between all of it, I've been working. A lot. I think I worked harder the past couple weeks than I have in a long time. Sometimes till 6 in the morning. So it's been exhausting, but very worth it.

One of the projects I was working on was called the Pop Up Shop. And basically our group had to design and set up a shop in the college and sell some items. We brainstormed a lot, and decided to make a pretty light hearted Christmas store. I got into the team that was making a poster, so we did a lot of talking and designing, and came up with what you'll see later.

We made the poster in letterpress, which such an out of date and long process. We spent 11 hours in there printing just over 100 posters. Granted, it looks good when it's done.

We had to make the snowflake templates since they didn't exist in letterpress and it's what our design called for. (My idea :))

Beginning to take shape...

My friends/classmates Dan and Georgia printing.

Another one of our groups products that another team was working on, Morning After Christmas stickers.

We began make shop decor.

And here it is! You can see the poster in the background, hahaha. We thought the message was relatable to a lot of people around the season, and could be taken in a few different ways. And it made us laugh.
Items on sale

The forest of trees on the way to our store, which we also sold.
 And that was that! A really fun project, but I wish I could've had a bit more time focused on it. However that was difficult to do as much of my attention was on the other project, Reg Perfect and the Squeegees.

We were given a band name, Reg Perfect and the Squeegees, and basically had to come up with an advertising campaign for this band. We could choose any genre, group, style etc. 

So I won't bother showing you all my research this time, but basically I decided I wanted to make a Burlesque. From this idea I began talking to my tutor and he told me to make this Burlesque unique somehow, a Burlesque that he hadn't seen before.

So I began researching Burlesques and found out that originally they were political and social satires that eventually became strip shows in order to keep an audience.

I went with this idea and designed a Burlesque show that would integrate what everyone thinks they know about them with political and social satire.

I played with the idea of being turned on physically and mentally, about stimulating the body and the mind. And this is what I came up with!

The three posters I designed and printed in screenprinting.

I designed a whole newspaper to advertise the band, and this folder that the paper could fit and be distributed in.

The newspaper is filled with illustrations of collages I made as well as text and information about the show.

The girls of the show.

Another poster I made that became the centerfold.

This came out off center, but by this point it didn't really matter haha.

Also made these cards that could be either handed out as flyers or be slipped into the newspaper. The logo is screen printed on the back of all of them.
The project was a big one and very trying, with many problems in printing and getting my ideas to work. Just making this post is making me tired. But I'm really happy with the outcome and it went over very well with my tutor.

I also had my assessment at the end, which is basically where I show all my work and sketchbooks and essays to my tutor and the head of the department and I get, you guessed it, assessed. There were a couple projects I wasn't satisfied with so I went back and tweaked them a bit.

Here's that first Metro Remix project. I scanned them all in and did some editing, and printed them out on big sheets of paper. Much happier with this.

Got my typography project beautifully printed onto one sheet of paper.  Really happy with this one.
And then remember this? I really liked the idea, but the paper I used was very flimsy, and I was supposed to be selling this on eBay. So I did some work, got a friend to help me, and got the different layers laser cut out of wood, and then made a wooden base for it to sit on.

I have two of them, and it looks much better now! I was going to paint it black, but I really like the way this looks. And I'm officially selling it HERE!! If anyone's interested hahaha.

And there you go!! First term, done. I got really good marks, great feedback from my tutor, and I cannot wait to see what next term brings. It was a lot of work, but I'm really proud of what I've done and feel like I've grown a lot.

Now it's time to return home for a bit and finally relax. That is of course in between going to Disneyland, Christmas, parties, seeing friends, watching movies, going to Sprinkles.....

I love my life.



  1. Your work looks spectacular! Really, I'm awed by how talented you are.


    end. :)

  2. Looks like a lot of work, and very cool! I don't know how you come up with these brilliant ideas all the time!

  3. Good grief Liam. Wow. All your countless hours and hard work turned out SO AMAZING. I can't believe how much has to go into all your projects! Your final projects turned out AWESOME and I'm so proud of you! And so happy for you too, that your tutor and the board liked everything and gave you great marks! I know how anxious you were about the assessment - but you flew right through! The Retro Remix does look much better, and I LOVE how your typography poster turned out - that was my favorite project of yours :) Your laser cut layered wood project ended up GREAT - I thought I'd like the black better, but I like the shadows that the wood gives itself. WELL DONE ON EVERYTHING LIAM!

    And you just flew home TODAY - can't wait to see you! :D