Monday, May 9, 2011

Portfolio work, getting into university

Almost done catching up! This is so exciting!! On to the next thing!

So before I started my final project, I had to get a portfolio together of all the work I had done on my course so I could apply for the BA courses I wanted to get on for next year.

At first I was going to do what is expected, a big black portfolio filled with pictures and images of all my work. However after a talk with my tutor, we decided that since I have so much 3D work and a lot of it is very physical, we'd go about it a different way. So below is how it turned out:

I fit everything inside. From my Medium is the Message project to my Reg Perfect and the Squeegees newspaper to a DVD of my film and onwards. All my prints were mounted on foam board beneath all of the 3D stuff. Below is all of it laid out.

And then underneath all of the prints were all of my sketchbooks. It was pretty cool to see everything I had accomplished in the course all in one box, twas a proud moment.

Here's all of my sketchbooks over the year stacked on top of each other. Lots of time right there.
I had to photograph some of my projects to mount them, so here are a couple of those cause I think they came out quite nicely.
My Cabinet of Curiosities project

And here is a project I actually haven't talked about on here yet. Over Christmas we had a project called Pocket Monet, where we were given a famous figure and told to make something that could somehow fit in our pocket that represented that person. So this is a little box I made that was inspired by the illustrator Quentin Blake, who is most famous for his illustrations in the Roald Dahl books.

Each of the letters has string sewn through them that attach to the top of the lid. I was inspired by his scribbly ink drawings along with his use of watercolor. The quote is his and is "I don't wait for inspiration." I was really drawn to the quote and though it evoked him without saying his name.

A project I revisited was one of my first projects, the Metro Remix project which involved connecting two newspaper headlines and creating a narrative. I decided to project my original images and photograph them to put in my portfolio, and came out with some interesting results.

Overall the portfolio took a lot of work but was worth it. I got into all the programs I wanted to at the three colleges I applied to.
My room after hours and hours of working on my portfolio.

After much deliberation, I've decided that for the next three years I will be studying Graphic Design Communication at Chelsea College of Art and Design. I cannot wait to start. I chose this course rather than the others because it is a Graphic Design course with more of a fine art focus than the other ones. And seeing as my work kind of goes between graphic and fine art most of the time, I felt it would be a good fit. The interview I had there was also the most personal and encouraging of all the ones I went to, and if you look at the photos below I'm sure you'll see why I feel at home there.

The courtyard at Chelsea, just to the left of this is the amazing museum Tate Britain, which students get free admission to.

My home for the next few years. :)
And that's all for today folks! Thanks for reading!! :)

-Liam xx


  1. What can I say? I am SO freaking proud of you I could burst. This is only the tip of the iceberg (hehe) you have so much more to show the world!

  2. My favorite is your Blake project. It's stunning, and I hope you're bringing the box home so I can keep it.

  3. Gosh Liam, what a great wrap-up to the end of your year! I am so proud of you! You did a fantastic job with your portfolio - what a great idea. I still love, love, love your fingernail alphabet :) And I love your Pocket Monet project and how you used the Quentin Blake quote - FABULOUS! I think the greatest pic of all is your room after all your work - LOL! It's gonna be one of those pics that you look back on and a whole FLOOD of memories will come back :D I am so thrilled and excited for you and what is to come for you at Chelsea!!!