Thursday, April 28, 2011

Protests, exhibitions, bladder of lard...

So following the Macbeth project a few of my pieces were exhibited at my college in an exhibition featuring a few students from my course, so that was quite exciting...

My Elephant and Castle post it project, second one down...

My sketchbook was in the exhibition as well, this one was for the Cabinet of Curiosities project.

A wall of our Christmas posters...hehehe.
 Between projects I did a bit of walking...

The blue sky decided to show it's face.

Never get sick of that...

Great piece in the Whitechapel Gallery.

College by one of my new favourites, John Steaker. Incredible collages.
A cockney cash machine!!!!!!! Translated: "Take your card and cash will follow"

Another project I had to work on was titled "Environment". The point of the project was to somehow create a piece that informed the public of some issue, and put that piece out into the world. Initially I was going to do the project on light pollution, but then my tutor decided that as a group we should focus on something that is relevant to all of us, the student cuts. So, we decided to create signs and join a protest against the removal of the Education Maintenance Allowance, which gives money to poor students.

Mine's the one on the right.
Along with creating a sign for the protest, we had to make a film documenting the whole thing. The experience is one I will never forget, it's extremely empowering being surrounded by that many people being so passionate about a single issue. Walking through the streets of London to Big Ben was amazing. 

I even got into one of the newspapers round here!

And you can watch my short little film HERE!

That's all for now!

-Liam x


  1. Hey! Congrats on being featured in the selected student exhibition - that's awesome! I remember you working on all those projects! And of course, I always enjoy your man-about-town photos... the cockney cash machine was HYSTERICAL! And the EMA protest event - NICE JOB! I remember that pic of you in the paper! It must have been an electric, very empowering experience to share with others so passionate about such an important cause. So proud of you :)


  2. I would have loved to see that protest with you!! And I continue to love your Christmas poster.