Monday, April 5, 2010


So, I've decided to start a blog. With all the things going on in my life and the changes I'm going through both in my work and myself, I thought keeping a blog could keep me focused and updated on the progress I'm making. So, first, a little about myself.

I'm Liam Moore, an 18 year old living in Valencia, California. I'm an art student at Pasadena City College with hopes to going to the University of Arts London in the fall semester. I feel that passion is something that needs to be fueled into more people's lives, as I have much of it. At times it comes off as obsessive or anger or intensity, but I feel that without passion in one's life there is no point. I am passionate about art, music, relationships, traveling, film, food, etc.

At the moment I'm taking three art classes at Pasadena City College, and much of the work that I will be posting is from these classes. The classes are Sketching for Design, Concepts in Drawing and Life Drawing. I'm enjoying myself thus far, and am making quite a bit of progress. It's amazing what observation and concentration can do. If I've learned one thing from being focused on primarily art for almost a year, it's that observation is key. From observing the world around you as a whole to focusing on the most minute of details, everything is important. I've realized art is not just an arbitrary means of something looking pleasant, it needs to release an emotional response from the observer. All art forms should be used to evoke an emotion in the viewer, whether maybe sparking a memory or a feeling that otherwise can not be revealed. It's a fascinating field and I'm so happy that I've found my way into the arts and am pursuing an eventual career within it.

Now, my blog title. It comes from a song by my favorite band, The Killers. The song is On Top, and the lyrics go:

"And you know
That I've been down across a road or two
But now I've found the velvet sun
That shines on me and you"

The line has always stuck out to me, and I feel that it's a beautiful image that sums up quite a bit. I'll let you fill in what it means to you.

And that's it! My plan is to post past work, work I'm doing now and work that I plan to do in the future. Eventually I will also use it as a blog about my experience at university in London. Now is an exciting time for me, and I hope that you'll enjoy the ride as much as I hope to.



  1. Hi Liam!

    I am an old friend of Megan Walkers and noticed your new blog. I love creative people and can feel the potential bursting out of you Liam! I would love to follow your journey if you will have me as a follower!


  2. Hi!

    Of course! Thanks so much for checking it out and I'd be happy for you to follow me. Thank you so much!!