Friday, April 23, 2010

Life Drawing/Misc.

This year I've been in a Life Drawing class, something I haven't done before. It's something I've really come to love, I really enjoy using expression in the human figure while still trying to create accurate shadows and proportions and whatnot. Here's a few things I've been doing:


Conte Crayon:

So that's been that. I still have half a semester to learn and improve so I'll post stuff as that improves. Also, just found an artist that I've always admired but never really delved into. Eyvind Earle is his name, he did a lot of the background artwork on Sleeping Beauty. While in San Francisco recently I saw some of his painting in person at the Walt Disney museum and was inspired, so I looked up the rest of his art. It is truly unique and fantastic, and has inspired me in a way that hasn't happened in a while. You can see all of his work here: Here are a few of my favorite pieces...

After seeing some of Earle's artwork in the museum I took this picture in the Presidio. I hope to soon do a painting of this photo and try to emulate his style. Tell me what you think:

We'll see what happens!! And as for a bit of personal news, today I send in my official "Yes I'm coming to your school" letter to the University of the Arts London. So, looks like I'll be going, and tentatively leaving on August 19th.... GAH!!



  1. I will only briefly comment on the nudes because that last female stomach looked too familiar - ugh :/ - but you're doing a great job!

    LOVE Eyvind Erle as Sleeping Beauty is one of my all time favorite Disney movies. That last example of his you posted is awesome! I did very much love that Presidio photo you took and would LOVE to see what you do with it as a nod to his style.

    And YAY FOR LONDON! :)

  2. Thank you!! I'm glad you liked the Eyvind Earle art, I really want to start on my project but at the moment don'e have money for a canvas... :(

    And yeah! YAY!