Thursday, August 26, 2010

BATH (Day 1)

So after that second day in London we took the train over to Bath, a beautiful city about an hour and 45 minutes west of London. We met up with our lovely friends Janice and Ben and headed out into the city.

Bath is absolutely quintessential England. This gorgeous park with its brass band and a river that flows right beside it seems like it would be something you read in a book, not a place that actually exists. Seeing as it cost a pound to even get into the park, in my mind it still doesn't exist....

 Most of the day we just walked around and enjoyed the city, saw the shops, and enjoyed the pubs.

Street performer

Purty birdy

That night we went to the Roman baths (hence the name bath, lolz). The city was founded by the Romans, and the hot spring that fed the bath hundreds of years ago still exists.

Inside the Roman baths

The hot spring.... it was hawt

The place was truly stunning. It was inspiring for me to be somewhere where thousands of people have been before so many years ago. Yet it's always difficult for me to comprehend the amount of history and the stories that lie in the walls of ruins, as the reference point is so distant.

To be continued....


  1. Wow Liam, I really cannot believe that this really exists, so beautiful!

  2. Oh my gosh, Bath is SO BEAUTIFUL........ I had to click on both of your first 2 photos so I could see them larger, and just STARE at them for a long time, because I was so captivated by how beautiful a place it really is. Hard to even imagine........ I can't wait to see more! Does anyone ever want to leave, or do they have to be dragged away like me in Switzerland - LOL?

    I know what you mean about such history like the baths. I have felt that way myself in different parts of the world - Greece, Rome... especially Israel, where even a stone staircase or an olive grove can go back a thousand years. It's hard to wrap your mind around it.