Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Emerald Isle

So after spending a couple days in the city we decided to go out and see some true Irish countryside.

DISCLAIMER: Yes, these places actually exist. These are not paintings, nor did I steal them from Google. You can trust me. They are real.

For the most part I'll just let the photos speak for themselves as there isn't much more to say except how beautiful and breathtaking these places were. 

First we went to a town called Glendalough, a beautiful old village surrounded by rolling hills and streams. Its main attraction is an ancient graveyard, absolutely stunning. And this is where I smelled the freshest air ever. I have never gotten out of a car and immediately noticed a difference in the air. It was crisp, clean, fresh. A far cry from the cities I've been in recently and especially at home. 
Thomas Kinkade ain't got nothin on this.

A freakin' harp player!!

Yup, that actually happens.

We then went to a place called Powers Court Waterfall, a gorgeous area with a stunning waterfall at the heart of it.

SO CUTE. His name was Ozzy.

Elise wondering why on earth it isn't dead and brown.

So that was that!! It really was beautiful. I can't say it enough. Breathtaking.

Afterwards we went back into the city just in time for the Literary Pub Crawl. I know, sounds ironic. But we kept hearing about it and had to try it out. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the guide, but basically we would go from pub to pub around the city and the guide (along with an accomplice every now and then) would talk about famous Irish authors (Joyce, Wilde, Shaw) along with reciting parts of their plays or poems. It really was a different but wonderful experience, being in the pubs and hearing the words of those who sat in them many years ago. Dublin is a place full of culture, and they treasure it deeply.

Trinity College
Talking to Andrew, the brother of our friend Alison, with Bulmers at the ready.

And that was Ireland! My mother kept asking what I thought of Dublin, and for most of the time the only word I could come up with was "interesting." It's truly different both from what I was expecting and from any other city I've been to. I knew it was going to be small as I had heard that from many people. I didn't expect it to have a small town mentality, though. The city has still not been fully developed, and this is a reflection of the repression that was put on the city for so many years. To see a city so worn yet so strong in its passion and will to be free was fascinating. The people were absolutely wonderful. Kind and welcoming with a dark sense of humor. But something that haunted with me was that I really could see where so many of the traits that run in my family originate from. Intense defense mechanisms, strong opinions, conversations sprinkled with arguments, and of course the humor. Definitely interesting to see where it all stems from, and fascinating to know that it's still going strong as you all know. 

And now for a little anecdote to finish this off to really show what the Irish are like. We were pulling our rental car into the lot, and we spoke to the man trying to figure out where to put it. He simply said in a thick accent, "just put it in between those two cars there, no need to make a fuss about it as long as you don't hit any of em."

Thanks all for reading!!!


  1. Kinkade-Shminkade...... are you even KIDDING ME!?!?! Oh my gosh, sooo gorgeous!!! And you are becoming QUITE the photographer - I have already stolen several of your photographs :D

    Ah, the fresh air sounds heavenly. Is smelt truly a word though? I mean, is it really??? You'd better ask Elise... I kept thinking "Manly, yes, but I like it too" - LOL - sorry, I couldn't help myself :D

    Thank you SO MUCH for posting these gorgeous photos and for your thoughts on Ireland - extremely "interesting", as you would say. I thoroughly enjoyed every tour and photo Liam :)

  2. Thank you Megan!!!

    And I looked it up and it is used but not very often hahaha. Sorry, been doing these late at night or in transit. I shall edit that.

    Of course!! Glad you're enjoying it!