Monday, May 7, 2012

We did a couple of smaller projects as well... 

Here are some screenshots from a stop motion animation I did, we were assigned one of the biggest companies in the world and had to create a stop motion out of the logo. So my group got IBM, and we decided to have the logo turn into a barcode (since they invented it) and then into a cityscape. So here's some pics till I get the final thing:

And this other project was kind of a fun one at the end of term. We were put into groups of six, and each were assigned a bad typeface that we then had to turn into a mini golf hole. Ambitious and initially very difficult, but the end product was very fun. 

One initial idea.

Second idea, the one we went with. We decided that we had to just go for it on the Egyptian theme, since such a terrible font is cheesy anyway.
Watch the making of here!!

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