Thursday, December 1, 2011

At Chelsea!! Project One and Two: Glasses, Mapping Chelsea

Sorry it's taken me so long to get these posts up, it's been a crazy term with starting my BA and moving into a proper house etc. etc. But I finally have time to put up and document all the projects I've been doing. So let's get started.

The very first project we had was to take a piece of black card, design and create a pair of glasses in under ten minutes, and wear them during and induction into the library that we had to go to... So we did it.

A simple project but the first "project" nonetheless. Basically something to get us started, show us how to think and produce quickly.

After this we had to somehow map the area around our college and then create a map on the floor of the banquet hall. So first we researched by being assinged certain sections of the area and looking around it, and then later on we all got together and using paper, created a massive map of the whole area. This culminated into a stop motion film that you can see below!

GDC1 MAP OF CHELSEA from safwaan motara on Vimeo.

So yes those were the first two projects. Many more to come!!


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  1. The map of Chelsea is so cool! And you should wear those glasses home.