Sunday, December 4, 2011

Project Five: The Logo

Our first proper project that we were briefed on as an individual was the logo project. The brief was to produce a logo that reflected our personal design ethos. Preceding this, however, we were put into groups of four and told to come up with ten things in general that we found were important as designers. These were ours:

1. Meet new people, try new things.
2. Don't waste any time.
3. Document all ideas.
4. Be confident, not arrogant.
5. Keep people excited, entertain.
6. Enjoy what you're doing.
7. Leave your comfort zone.
8. Take criticism, learn from it.
9. Less is more.
10. Don't wear Ed Hardy or Paul's Boutique.

Then we assessed what we had found, and were told to create 100 logos that represented the ethos' that spoke to us the most. It was quite the task but it had to be done.

Afterwards we had to pick three of the ones we thought were working the most, and work with others on refining and experimenting with them using different mediums and ideas.

Eventually we were left to take the one which we thought was the strongest and develop it. I chose one that was a big scribble that had the words "it's okay" etched into the sides of it. I liked this one because it was simple, direct, positive, and relatable. I feel very confident in the fact that mistakes are vital, and the only way you can learn is by trying things and if they don't work out then at least you tried it. So then was the time to develop...

I experimented with ink spillage, needle and thread, big marks... I wanted it to look organic but also elegant.

Here's my first submission which I was happy with but not entirely happy. I talked with my tutors and we decided that the type I was using didn't look "flow-y" enough. So back to the drawing board!

After another days worth of work I finally got something I was happy with. I feel that this version is definitely improved and that it clearly gets across my design ethos... 

So yeah! Long project but lots of fun. More to come!



  1. That's amazing. Can I have it on a v-neck? And as a pin? And as a bumper sticker?

  2. U the next monet.