Sunday, December 4, 2011

Project Thirteen: The Shrine Project

The final project of the term was based around a bunch of presentations we had to give about halfway through. We were told to come in and give a little talk on something we were completely passionate about, anything.

One of which was moustaches... But of course I had to do, you guessed it.

Disneyland. I decided to talk about the reasons it has influenced, how it's the reason I'm in London today, and how it still affects my life. The presentation was well accepted and I was pretty happy about it. Here's a few of the artists I showed that still inspire me to this day...

Mary Blair

John Hench

Attraction posters

So the next part of the brief was that we were to be paired up with someone else's passion and create a "shrine" that paired up both of our interests. I was paired with Georgina, a lovely girl in my class who loves reading. Seeing as both acted as a way of escapism for us, the connection was immediately clear and the ideas started flowing. We had a few ideas, one even inolving very closely considering a trip to Disneyland Paris, but eventually we went onto the idea of books exploding into shapes and Disney characters etc. So we looked to these images for inspiration...

And a trip to the Disney store never hurt...

And after all that it was time to start making. We started small and it just grew and grew from there, from paper sculptures to lighting etc. I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves cause there's quite a few!

These were the first tests, and while we loved the outcome we wanted to see what we could do with height and colour, so we decided to go with the idea of an enchanted forest...

Definitely one of my fav things I've done. :) TILL NEXT TIME!!

-Liam xx



  2. Gorgeous!!! & I love the new look of your blog.

  3. Looks amazing! Thanks for sharing your work from the past semester.

  4. Your artwork is enchanting! So thoughtful and inspired.