Thursday, December 1, 2011

Projects Six and Seven: Photo related projects

Two projects I've had to do deal with photography but in two different ways. The first project was to learn how to use photoshop. Although I already knew how to use photoshop, we had some good tutorials on little things I wasn't really sure about and how to do something like a double page spread. So, we got into pairs of two and had to figure out a way to create a dynamic two page spread. My friend Richard and I had the idea of getting matching floral shirts and creating a wallpaper out of it, and seemingly blend into the background. The initial idea grew and changed a bit, but I'm happy with the outcome.

And the next project was to recreate an iconic photo in the photo workshop. This was to show us how to use the studio as well as get ourselves acclimated with the cameras etc. We were all given different decades, I was in the group that got fifties and sixties. (WOO!) So I was trying to choose between these ones...

But ultimately chose this one, from the film Blow Up. The image is simple, effective, and very much representative of the sixties. 

So here's my interpretation, I wanted to do it slightly different so I could call it my own. Very happy with the outcome:

Thanks for reading!!

-Liam x

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  1. Turned out perfect! A smidge disappointed you didn't use that one of JFK but whatevs.