Sunday, December 4, 2011

Projects Ten and Eleven: A Dingbat and a Frame

Another one of our projects that has coincided with a workshop is the Zapf Dingbats project. We were all assigned a symbol from the font "Zapf Dingbats" and told to make it out of wood, paint it white, and photograph it somewhere. So, that I did. The shape I got was a spade which made me happy. Such a cool shape and something I felt that I could make an interesting image out of. So I went to the workshop and created the piece, went home and painted it. I wanted it to be relatively big so I could have an impactful image.

Whenever I told someone I was making a spade the first they thought of was something you'd dig up the ground with. In response to this, I thought it would be funny to go into the countryside play around with the idea of spades the shape and spade the shovel. I ended up just fooling around with photography and got some shots I was really happy with.

I think I'm happiest with that second to last one.

Another cool workshop we got to experience was a framing workshop where we got to make our own frame. Twas a useful thing that will come in handy a few times in the years to come I'm sure, and good to know that within the college I can go in and make something that fits my work exactly how I want it to...

That's all folks!

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  1. I LOVE the second to last one. And the one where the spade is hiding in the woodpile. Symbolism.