Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Brick Lane

So one of the last days of our holiday we all went to Brick Lane and Spitalfield's Market. For this I'm going to let most of the pictures do the talking, but the place was utterly fantastic. It's in the East End and I'd never been there prior to this. The whole area was so diverse and creative, in that way it reminded me of Camden. 

An oversized pop up book just sitting in one of the walls. Amazing.


The area has a very heavy Indian population, hence the gorgeous lamp posts.

One of my favourite stores we went into was the Rough Trade record shop. Just a wonderful and concise collection of CDs and vinyl. You could just really tell that the people there cared about every single thing they sold.

We then met up with our friend Lee and his girlfriend Anna and had a lovely curry and a great time at the pub.


If you know me well you know I love LEDs. A lot. And to my surprise, this area was full of them. Once night fell, I was definitely in heaven. Gorgeous.

Once Lee found out about this mild obsession I have, he told me he had to take me to some place. He took me here.

This is just a business courtyard by the tube station. The lines would change colours and do different patterns and whatnot. It was mesmerizing. It was surreal. It was beautiful.


  1. You and your LEDs... They totally sent you over the edge that night. Nothing to do with the cider you drank. :)

  2. Wow, what a CRAZY place! I would have loved to tour it by stealing that Vespa and riding all around on it! :D Obviously the day ended in the best way possible for you, Mr. LED! What a great surprise! If ever you feel yourself going through LED withdrawal, you know where to go, hehehe :D