Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Hello again! Sorry it's taken so long to put up a new blog post, it's been insanely busy around here. But let's hit the ground running. Unfortunately since I only have limited time now to post all this stuff with everything going on it'll be mostly pictures. I'M SORRY OKAY.

After Sheffield Elise and I took the train to Scotland to go visit the one and only Louisa!! Although the journey was long, looking at this stuff never gets old...

So we arrived in Largs and met up with Louisa, and saw her incredibly/ridiculously cute dog, Tara. Of course a Terrier.

Afterwards we went and got some amazing ice cream...

We got Toffee ice cream with tablet and toffee fudge... Mmmmm

Louisa's mom owns a shop where you can paint pottery and things so we went there and had a grand old time. Unfortunately I left before mine got to get fired so I don't have a picture of it, but I'll be getting it soon! 

We made some delicious cupcakes... Louisa made the frosting colour just for me :)

The lovely Largs by the seaside.

And the lovely Louisa! :)

We then went to the Viking festival, a cool little event that comes to Largs every year to celebrate when the Vikings came to the town hundreds of years ago.

And that was Scotland! I was only there for a little over two days but I love the place but I love the people even more so. Being able to see Louisa and her family was more wonderful than any countryside or pub or Viking Festival could ever be.


  1. Yeah, it was something like that. :) The lovely Louisa indeed!

  2. Oh my gosh Liam...... I seriously could have looked at Scotland photos all the livelong day! (how long was the train trip, by the way?) The countryside was gorgeous! And you're right, Louisa's dog is freaking ADORABLE!!! And it was so AWESOME to see Louisa's smiling face!!! It looks like you had such a fun visit :) I didn't know her mom owned a pottery shop like that - how cool! And a Viking festival - are you even kidding me? What fun! I bet it was so neat to FINALLY be there - YAY!!!