Wednesday, September 8, 2010

No place like London

So I took a train from Scotland to London all by my lonesome to be there in time for my enrollment at university. I went and everything went fantastic, and met a new friend on the tube that I hung out with a bit afterwards to go and explore the city. We went to London Bridge which is only a few stops away. As always, with it came a few wonderful surprised. Stumbled upon this gorgeous atrium by the river.

It had a gorgeous Steampunk ship in the middle of it all.

We then walked along the river and saw signs for a Design Museum, so we followed them and just went with the flow.

The museum was a bit pricy so we decided to just roam around the shop but the walk was wonderful and just made me more excited to know that this stuff could be available whenever I wanted it to be.

I had the night to myself as well so I went and saw The Illusionist at a theatre close to my hotel in Notting Hill. Little did I know how stunning this theatre would be.

For only 7 pounds I saw a movie here. The place was absolutely stunning, and as I walked in forties music was playing. I truly felt like I had been taken back in time. The experience was one of the best movie experiences I've had, and I'm planning on going back as soon as I can. Not to mention that the movie was also fantastic. It's a french animated movie, and it was truly stunning. Watching it in the theatre with the tube rumbling beneath my feet and red velvet at my back was unreal.

Afterwards I decided to take a trip to the ever-bustling Picadilly Circus. While walking there I found this little beauty.

Whenever I walk out into this area I always get the same feeling. Such energy and buzz everywhere you look. It's contagious.


  1. I'm in love with your Hitchcock picture.

  2. AAAAAWESOME POST describing everything and your pics too! That atrium was so pretty, and what a gorgeous theater! Aren't you just dying to see what's in the design museum now!?

    You have a way of stumbling into more cool things during all your roaming around than anyone I know! Heh! :D