Thursday, September 30, 2010

The post where I prove that I actually have been doing work.

So in the midst of all the fun I have been doing quite a bit of work. I've already done two projects with two more to be assigned on Monday. Phew. But yeah here's a look at some of the shtuff.

We did another group project within the frist week that was an exercise in research and development as well as use of resources. Our tutor gave us 500 sheets of paper, and told us that in 4 hours we had to create an army that is both well designed and functional using those sheets of paper. Since none of us really knew origami or anything of the sort we went into the library and researched and all learned how to make planes, tanks, snakes, boats and even rockets.

The result was pretty cool. We were in three groups (the other two being red and blue) and in the end had a massive paper fight. It was a fun and interesting way to start off the year, and did show that through research and a goal in mind, things can be done.

Now for the real stuff. At the beginning we were given two assignments, one being a drawing based project and the other was a research and development based project.

The first one was called "Finding The Elephant" and was basically about going through and discovering the area where the college is located and creating a piece based on our findings and drawings. Our tutor approached it in a simple yet effective way. He wanted us to spend more time on our research project so one day he gave us a stack of 100 post its and we all went out and began to draw and explore for two and a half hours. In the end we only came out with about 20 completed post its, and the rest of the assignment was to take all of them, tape them together and create a sort of image map of the area. So this is how mine came out.

Here's a little collage I threw together so you can see some detail.
A challenge I had was how to present it, seeing as it's quite a huge project. A quote my tutor said at the beginning of the process came to mind. "When you first came to Elephant and Castle you probably thought... what a shit hole." So...

I put it on a toilet roll! Lolz.

The next project was called "Metro Remix." We were given about 15 headlines from the newspaper "The Metro" and were told to choose two to connect through a narrative using twenty images. The two headlines I chose were "Models Dive Into Underwater Fashion Show" and "Bus Driver Proposes Using Old Tickets." There was quite a bit of experimentation in medium and thought process for me through this one but it was a lot of fun. First some sketchbook things...

I wanted to use transparency in the project, and through quite a few ideas I finally found something that was the right fit. The story I ended up going with was quite simple. Model dives underwater, almost drowns, is brought outside where a bus driver sees and runs to the scene, romantically saves here, through which they become very close and he eventually proposes.

Final piece:

I think I want to go a bit further with the whole thing so we'll see where it goes but if I do anything I'll post it here! In the process I also did my first trial in screen printing which was time consuming but extremely rewarding.

And that's all folks!


  1. So you are doing work!!

    The post-it project is incredible. I can't imagine how long that took you. My favorite is your second piece, though--total "aw". :)

  2. YEAH I AM. Thank you!!! Yeah it took me a reallllyyy long time. But it's worth it. And thank you again! Glad you like it.

  3. Liam the toilet role was brilliant! Laughed my head off :D And I'm surprised you didn't include the pineapple idea for the two headlines project haha lol.

  4. I remembered seeing pics of all 3 armies and I was impressed with all the intricate folding everyone had to learn! LOVED the post-it project! That was insane! Loved how creatively you presented it! LOL! Your "Retro Remix" project was amazing - it would have completely baffled me. You did a fab job to come up with all that and then execute it as well. I'm sure it was a lot of work! Nice job Liam :)